If you travel frequently in the Schengen area for work or family reasons, you can apply for an annual multiple visa. To do this, you must indicate in the application form the one-year time frame with the planned travel dates, with 90 days of stay planned and « multiple » entries. Also complete the additional declaration for the multi-year visa. The frequent necessity of travel should be justified in the application file, i.e. in the letter of invitation and in the employer`s confirmation. In addition, in the case of a multi-year visa, you apply for your Schengen visa at the embassy/consulate of the country that is the main destination of your future trip. There is no right to issue a multi-year visa. Long-term Schengen visas are generally issued to reliable frequent travellers with pre-used Schengen visas correctly. It also depends on the validity of the passport as well as documents proving the purpose of the trip (see question 17), funding and willingness to return to the country of origin. When applying for an annual visa, proof of travel health insurance (see question 19) is only required for the first scheduled stay. However, they are required to take out valid insurance for each subsequent stay and to present the insurance coverage at the entry checkpoint. By signing the application form, you confirm that you have been informed.

Similarly, proof of the real purpose of residence and financing must be taken away with each new trip to the Schengen area. With an annual visa, you are not bound to the purpose of your trip to the Schengen area for your future trip. For example, if you have obtained an annual visa for professional purposes, you can continue to use this visa for visitation or tourism purposes for future trips within the Schengen area, provided that you have the necessary documentation for the purpose of the trip. I`m glad to know you`ve already visited the Philippines (where I am). I have not traveled anywhere outside the Philippines except the United States, but lately my wife and I have made more trips inside the Philippines (it will be a great thing because the country is a huge archipelago) and airfares have gone down. www.quora.com/Have-startups-become-an-escape-route-for-our-youth-who-get-bored-of-their-lives-and-are-unable-to-cope-with-their-problems-at-work/answer/Paul-OBrien-1 Fantastic items! You inspired me to book my next vacation.