Together, SD-3C measures are helping to level the playing field for SD-3C licensees and consumers and to the detriment of companies that illegally sell SD cards and hosts/by-products – and the organization has more than a decade of experience routing bad guys. Other problems with fake cards are reading/writing speeds that don`t match what`s on the package, so a user who buys a fake card that wrongly promises a certain speed of speed may experience a deterioration in content or lower streaming or streaming speeds. To ensure that users purchase SD and microSD memory cards that meet the specifications, the organization grants two types of licenses to licensed companies: And it`s not just about protecting the licensed manufacturers who make the cards – sD-3C s. SD-3C`s efforts also protect consumers and industrial users who depend on SD and microSD devices and memory cards to store content and data. The main problem with fake cards is that the company that manufactures and/or sells them is not required to meet the standards and specifications of the memory cards defined by the SD association. This means that a user could buy a product in the package that says it is a 256GB card, but it actually only contains 16GB. Some counterfeiters even go the extra mile by including software masking actual storage capacity, so the computer reads the card with 256GB, although the actual capacity is only 16GB. Please note that the SD-3C CLA is available for the convenience of licensees, it is not mandatory to enter a CLA if patent and other essential IP rights are obtained by each patent and IP holder. The SD-3C IP enforcement program uses a three-track approach to protect their trademarks and intellectual property from embezzlement and enhance the value of CLA and HALA: Custom and Border Protection Enforcement; The application of e-commerce and product identification training. In 2008, SD-3C LLC`s IP application program began by recognizing that some companies were using SD-3C intellectual property without authorization and that SD-3C licensees were interested in participating in a fair marketplace.