The advice of the largest franchisor association in the Republic of Ireland, the Irish Franchise Association (IFA), is that you should not use a consultant who is not a paid subscriber to his federation. This advice covers franchise agreements purchased by online merchants. This is not an impartial consultation. The trade association is made up of experienced and expert people, but it is a private company that is operated commercially to promote and protect the financial interests of its subscribers. 5.12 To keep your Dollar With More Store open and in normal operation during hours and days of the year, as stipulated in the lease agreement with the owner whose terms are subject to Franchisor`s prior written consent and the hours that do not violate applicable laws. Franchisor and its affiliates have grown, and Franchisor has the right to sublicense the your dollar store With More, Inc. system as defined below. Franchisor or its related companies have spent time, effort and cost to develop the development, opening and operating system of retail stores specializing in the sale of low-cost items. Franchisor has gained experience and contacts in buying and purchasing items suitable for sale in your dollar Store With More Stores.

If you do business with a respectable and reliable and trusting frankness, it is in your own interest for that person to succeed. The agreement covers a large number of important issues for franchising. We think it is comprehensive enough to be used by the biggest franchise chains. For small businesses, it should be an ideal basis for a deal that not only protects franchisor rights, but also impresses potential franchisees. FRANCHISOR and its subsidiary, Gloria Jeans Gourmet Coffees Corp. (GJGC Corp.), have developed a retail offering of mass gourmet coffee, teas, beverages, coffees and teas and related supplies, accessories and gifts. These stores are called GLORIA JEANS COFFEES STORES (hereafter called GJC STORE (S). Most GJC STORES carry drinks for immediate consumption on site, including coffee, espresso, cappuccino and tea. In addition, some GJC STORES carry pastries, cookies and baked goods and have seating areas. FRANCHISOR and GJGC Corp. have also developed a kiosk concept and a basket concept offering beverages and some other products offered by GJC STORES (S) and GJC CART (S).

(Unless otherwise stated, all references to GJC STORES include GJC KIOSKS and GJC CARTS.) Products authorized by FRANCHISOR for sale by GJC STORES are called products. All of these GJC STORES are operated with uniform formats, panels, equipment, layouts, systems, methods, processes and designs that use a unique architectural design, offer uniform products and use certain brands, service brands, commercial clothing and other commercial symbols, including the Gloria Jeans Coffee Bean Gloria Jeans Gloria Jeans and jeans Gloria Jeans. (These trademarks, service marks and other commercial symbols are referred to as names and trademarks.) GJC STORES works on sites with a unique format and excellent business method, including colors, panels, equipment, systems, methods, procedures, procedures, standards and marketing and advertising formats (gloria JEANS System), anything that FRANCHISOR can change from time to time and with which FRANCHISEE immediately sticks to franchiseE. FRANCHISEE and there are no other written or written agreements or agreements between FRANCHISOR and FRANCHISEE on the purpose of this agreement. Unless the contrary expressly of this Agreement is made, this agreement can only be amended by a written agreement signed by FRANCHISOR and FRANCHISEE.