Gayle, sounds like a generic chord that sets the 30 days. In this case, the 21 days would be alongside California law. Some of the most common changes to the rental agreement that require nachtrage are the increase in rent before the end of the rental period, additional charges for amenities that were previously free, and the introduction of new rental rules that do not violate the original rental agreement. We signed a lease 2 months ago, when the lease discovered that all incidentals were included and the rent was $925 per month. Fast forward 2 months and we have the real estate agency that claims that the electricity must be in our name and says that all the apartments included are advertised at $1100 per month. They threaten us by saying that they must let their lawyers take care of it and that we must pay their fees. The lease we signed clearly stated all utilities included and $925 per month. You may have made a mistake, but it shouldn`t hurt us, should you? Thank you for your reply. I made him sign a termination of the original lease, and then wrote a new lease for the remaining tenant. I think that should be enough. Thank you!! The original lease, signed by both parties, stipulated that the lessor would pay for the water. My apartment is for sale.

The new company wants to start charging to get your plans that were free. They sent a message to everyone, but she is not in the lease. First, I have to say WOW. I have never seen the problem of dog feces reach the point of DNA testing! I guess with such an extreme measure, any attempt to solve the problem failed until it was proposed. As crazy and ridiculous as it may seem, I find it unfortunate that we have come to this point and that people have not been able to store their own pets. As for their ability to pay for the service, it all depends on the lease agreement and what it says about the introduction of new rules and programs. It can`t mention anything specific about DNA testing, but could say that steps can be taken to enforce the lease at tenants` expense. My advice is to talk to the management company and ask questions.

I`m sure (or at least I hope) that they`ve thought about all of this and will have an explanation for you. Keep me informed, I would like to know how the tests are going and what they say. First, treat the yard problem like any other damage situation. The dogs caused excessive damage, which is why tenants should be responsible for repairs. Follow the appropriate steps to inform them of the damage, have them repaired and send an invoice. Second, you can`t increase the rent to a rental term unless the lease informs them. This most often includes only the language to increase the rent every year and gradually. For this situation, you must wait 30 days before the end of the rental period and then inform them of the rent increase.

This gives them time to decide whether they want to stay or leave. Wild card situation – There is little chance that tenants will give you problems paying the bill for damages. In this case, depending on the language of your lease, it may lead you to violate the agreement. You can then take the right steps to terminate the lease for non-compliance. It is not known for sure how much time is left for the duration of the lease, which would determine the probability of this scenario. If there are two months left, it is not worth terminating the lease prematurely. Let the lease expire, inform them of the non-renewal and remove the damage from the deposit. Once you have signed a lease, you and your landlord are legally bound to it.

The landlord cannot arbitrarily expose himself to new rules and force you to live according to them. That doesn`t mean you and your landlord don`t have options. If you and your landlord agree, you can change your lease at any time. None of you can make the change alone. If your lease ends and it`s time to renew it, your landlord can offer your renewal on other terms. Read your renewal lease carefully to make sure nothing has changed. . . .